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A Fairytale Wedding Trip

I went to Canada in September of 1999 with my former lover, Kris, to be in the wedding of my very good friend John B. I was set to be the second groomsman in his wedding in Banff, Canada outside of Clagary in the beautiful province of Alberta. I was still a poor student at that time so Kris and I decided to drive up there, a drive that turned out to take 23 hours straight through.

We made it in ok, a little tired to be sure but glad we made the journey. We staid in a very luxurious bed & breakfast and began what would prove to be a fairytale adventure with lots of romance in the air. Kris and I seemed to really get close during our time in Canada and certainly John B. and his wife to be, Chris, were also very much in love.

Banff is a resort town located just inside the Canadian Rockies. There were plenty of Elk and Moose all over this little town to complete that far Northern setting. The wedding took place in a quaint little church after which the Bently came to sweep away the bride and groom to escort them up to the town's castle, the Banff Springs Hotel, for the reception.

After the wedding Kris and I went to Calgary for a night to party with Chris' cousin who is also gay. We went out for a club night in Calgary and had a lot of fun up there. Calgary reminded me a lot of Denver with the old Victorian houses and narrow streets, they said it was Denver's sister city. All and all it was a very good trip, but I do not think I got any photos on this adventure and if I did they were probably lost when Kris and I separated.

I plan on visiting a couple of more Canadian cities in my future adventures, namely Vancouver and Toronto. And if the chance ever arises I would not mind seeing other cities such as Montreal and Edmonton, but I will likley not keep these cities on my destinations list because there are just too many to visit in a lifetime. But one never knows what life will bring you and I may end up there someday.

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